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RGK Tees Valley Titans Fun Day at Stewarts Park

RGK Tees Valley Titans Fun Day At Stewards Park

Where to start? Obviously at the beginning  Bright and early (literally as the sun was shining at 10am with the temperature at 19° c) which was a perfect start to the day to play some basketball and raise some money. All the stalls had to be set-up with items to win to be put on display. These stalls included a tombola, raffle, guess the name of the teddy and guess how many sweets in the jar. With the heat so high at 10am some of us were beginning to already sweat erecting the gazebos and tables. The whole team pitched in to get these stalls set-up in record time as there were visitors already starting to walk around. Luckily, thanks to the staff at Stewards Park, the basketball nets were already up and ready to use. 

With all stalls finished and ready to receive possible winners, Lee Fawcett (Head coach at the Tees Valley Titans) set up a competition between two ages groups (juniors and adults) to see who could score the most free throw baskets within 30 seconds. Obviously in the adult competition, Lee set an high score of 12 (if my memory serves me correctly), which was mighty impressive score. This set in motion the competition of all other attempters to beat a pro player at his own game. Within the first few hours we had a lot of different attempts with no one beating Lee. I believe the closest was an attempt of 11 by Kevin Harland. Lee admitted he thought he was about to be put to shame and was slightly panicking. 

The junior competition was about the same. A young lad called Steven scored the highest of 6 with everyone unable to beat him. Close to the end of the competition, a young lad called Declan beat Steven's score of 6, with a score of 8.

Just after lunch time, Lee set up a basketball game between the the kids that were already playing. This included some of our junior players who were split between the two teams to even them out. Some great baskets scored with some excellent basketball played. 

After the junior basketball session, Mr Fawcett again then set-up an adult basketball session. Again, some of the adult players were split amongst the two teams to make it even. I do have to report however, that the adult session was not as calm and collected as the junior match beforehand. The adult match was very confrontational, a lot of screaming and shouting and some of the adults were feisty (shall I say aggressive?) at stealing the ball. The whole adult match was fantastic and hilarious. They put on a great show and played some excellent basketball.

After both matches were played, the attention then turned back to beating Lee at the free throw challenge. More and more competitors lined up to try and beat him with, I am sad to say, no luck. Eventually Lee decided to scrub his name from the leader board which grabbed the attention of the previously competitors to try again. All attempts were excellent but the new leader, with a score of 9, was Brian Russell. More and more people arrived to play but no one could beat Brian. Eventually, it took one man to beat him with a score of 12, Phil Bramley. Phil is the junior coach at the RGK Tees Valley Titans and this sparked a coach challenge frenzy from the adult head coach, Lee Fawcett. It only took Lee 2 attempts to beat Phil's score which again, placed Lee at the top of the leader board with a score of 13. After many more challengers, it only took one man to beat Lee. That man was name Liam (Lee's son) I say beat, but actually Liam scored the same as Lee but we all say it was a win as we didn't want a professional to win

The whole day was an amazing experience and so much fun and the weather made it perfect too. All prizes from the raffle were drawn out and announced at the end of the day. Some faboulous prizes such as a 30 minute Lamborghini ride and a Playstation 3.

How Much Did We Raise?

We raised a massive £1587.55. These donations will help us provide essentials like innertubes for the tyres, the tyres itself, waiststraps, footstraps and cushion replacements. This will also help in maintaining the basketball wheelchairs to keep them in tip-top shape for our sessions. 

The RGK Tees Valley Titans would like to give special thanks to:

All Donators: Without each and every single person who donated, this day would be impossible.
The stall handlers: Linda Fawcett, Ashleigh Halbert, Debbie Readle, Emma Massey.
Without your time and effort labelling and sorting though the prizes, the day would be severely in jeopardy.

Tesco Distribution Centre: Big thanks to Tesco Distribution Centre for donating some of the fabulous prizes such as the Playstation 3. May I say “Every little helps”? As you helped us massively.

We personally thank you all who were included in the day. Weather that'd be donating, attempting to win prizes, playing some games or just there to see what we do. We deeply appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope to see you at the next event!

By Chris Buckle

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